Friday, January 20, 2006

Week 2 Day 2: What I Did Today

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Finally got this stuff working. The workaround for bug with MyFaces HtmlPanelGroup was to use Sun JSF RI. I’m still using MyFaces Tomahawk for html list components. Here is the code

And here is the result

Summary: I accomplished this pretty easy task working for a pretty long time and with pretty hard effort. Code is still questionable sometimes, some stuff works not very clean. The time spent is comparable to the time I would need to do the same stuff from scratch using plain servlets! I would even guess I would spend less time doing it without JSF! Shall I abandon JSF and move to “no framework development”?

So we got live working dynamic JSF app! If I would put it online everyone would be able to post a message.

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Dr.Explain said...

I think it's better to take the code away from postings. Just replace the snippets with links to your CVS files for instance. Currently, it's hard to read and navigate.

Denis Krukovsky said...

Thanks for your suggestion. I will remove the code as soon as I will have CVS hosting.