Thursday, January 12, 2006

About How to Write Software

This website is an experiment of what is going to happen if:
  • first, everyone would say on what the next killer web app would be
  • then, I will start to implement it online and publish daily development story
  • then, everyone would say on how we can improve it
  • what is going to happen then? We’ll see.
We will decide what we need and how to build. We will fight with analysis paralysis, deadlocks, and who knows - maybe with high load and clustering problems.

So I start with
Plan for Day 1. Website set up, what we are going to build, who is going to build.
Next: Website set up


Max Ischenko said...

Hi there,

Cool to see another local blogger online blogging about the software business.

Welcome you to join community and take a look at my blog at ;-)


Denis Krukovsky said...

Hi Max,

Good to see you here. I'm regular visitor of already.

s.j. said...


Author I want to criticize you!
So be prepared! :-)

Your site is hard to read.

You have lots of links in your posts which lead to tiny pages.

To much menus, headers and other garbage (above 80%).

Yhe content on every page took less 20%.

As a reader, I am not interested in links, chapters. I am interested in CONTENT!

And finally, "Leave your comment" is so narrow! It takes <50% of page wide.

Good luck!
Thanks for the site about biz.
Excuse me If I was too strait in my expressions.

Denis Krukovsky said...

Thanks! Your comments are welcome. Maybe I start another "How to Write Software" in a future, and I will use your feedback. This time I moved from writing to development. Turns out development moves much faster this way.

You can criticize the service I'm developing too! Welcome to .