Friday, January 13, 2006

Day 2: Tools

Finally I'm barely free from website setup and can talk about the development tools we will use.

Implementation Language
The implementation language will be Java. Java is a language I know best, and we have big load of developers who know Java and will benefit from this project. So to get Java go to and download JDK and JDK documentation. I recommend to unpack JDK source code which comes with installation, and put URL to documentation onto easy accessible place.

If you want to learn Java - get Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel - you can download electronic copy for free or better get a printed version. You can download Java Tutorial and place link onto it on your desktop.

I use Eclipse with Webtools.

Web Server
I use Apache Tomcat 5.5

This seems all on tools we need right now. I will add more on the go.

Next: Presentation


lifeartist said...

Hi Denis
Came on your blog by chance.
You asked for ideas aboutwhat would like to see developed.
I would like a simple package that comlemented dreamweaver web site development but linked this with a blog, a wiki, a forum all tied together with email links
I am trying to set this structure up for my own webspace at but find it difficult to build it from seperate components.
In academic circles this would be very helpfull allowing the quick development of knowledge fields through fast feedback and discussion. You can contact me through the site if you want further discussion

Denis Krukovsky said...

Thanks! I updated "What we are going to build" with your idea:

I have almost the same in mind!


lifeartist said...

Iyt would be a killer app. Good luck